San Francisco Pirate Party

Meeting #0 Notes

The meeting was held at Zeitgeist, 199 Valencia Street, on June 27th, 2016.

In attendance: John Shutt, Vanessa Conyers, Joyti, Patrick O'Doherty, Casey Bowman, Torrie Fischer, Jay Addison, Steve Young, Noah Swartz.

Some projects people are interested in:

Plenty of discussion about the practicality of third parties, and the importance of making practical short-term local gains. We're not getting a pirate president anytime soon. Board of Supervisors would probably take a few years. The Democratic machine is uninspiring. Wide admiration for the photo of Rose Pak wielding a baseball bat.

Anyone can call meetings in the future per shotgun rules, and accept the possibility that no one will show up.

There's probably important stuff missing from these notes. No one was really writing anything down in the moment. Blame John.

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